Сперма в транспорте

The exchange of genetically engineered mouse strains between research facilities requires transporting fresh mouse sperm under refrigerated temperatures.

Often overlooked are the complexities of sperm transport and the steps that must occur in the sperm, a process known as capacitation, before fertilization can.
Transport van gekoeld sperma. Ons nieuwe fluorescentiemicroscopie systeem is een grote stap voorwaarts in de beoordeling van de kwaliteit van sperma.
A male gamete, such as a spermatozoon of an animal or one of the cells or nuclei produced by a pollen grain of a plant. Also called sperm cell.
Oxytocin a stimulator of directed sperm transport in humans. Kunz G, Beil D, Huppert P, Leyendecker G.
Seminal plasma has been suggested to be involved in sperm transport, and as a modulator of sperm-induced inflammation, which is thought to be an important.
La qualit de l'acheminement des doses de semence conditionne la russite d'une IA de sperme rfrigr. La boite jetable a t spcifiquement dveloppe.
Nearly every cell in our bodies has at least one cilium. The process of intraflagellar transport (ift) builds and maintains these cilia, as well as photoreceptor.
Official Full-Text Publication: Sperm glucose transport and metabolism in diabetic individuals on ResearchGate, the professional network for scientists.
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